Design approach

Cameron Foggo’s designs have a pared-back quality reminiscent of mid-century design. Although masculine in appearance, the pieces have soft edges evoking calm beauty and subtle luxury.

“Elegant, sophisticated and timeless are the words that I hope most embody my work.” “I enjoy designing pieces that are relevant now and will be into the future.” 

All about comfort and functional simplicity: the skeletal frames and earthly natural materials utilised, including American oak, walnut, black steel, and sumptuous leathers provide functional yet serenely beautiful pieces.  Each piece is making a statement with meticulous attention to detail and uncompromising quality.


Cameron Foggo is a furniture designer based out of Sydney, Australia. Known for his unpretentious yet elegant and refined style, Cameron has brought humanised quality to a wide range of projects, from furniture and interior design to architectural collaborations. Cameron’s work is represented in high-profile showrooms amongst some of the world’s most renowned furniture brands.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Cameron has followed the traditional apprentice-to-designer path. After studying at the Auckland Society of Arts and then Wellington Design School, Cameron joined his family’s interior design & furniture manufacturing business. “The initial years of working with my father served as an apprenticeship of sorts. It was the best education in the industry I could have asked for”, says Cameron.  

Passionate about creating elegant, functional and extremely comfortable furniture, Cameron went on to establish his studio in 2007. Cameron’s practical, no-nonsense approach earned him commercial success; however, the devastating earthquake in Christchurch in 20011 that destroyed the showroom was the catalyst for a restart in Australia.

Choosing to view this unfortunate setback as an opportunity, Cameron relocated to Sydney, where he was fortunate to collaborate on various architectural projects and produce work for a small list of client brands. Cameron’s clients include Nonn, Resident, Living Edge, and Simon James.

In addition to designing furniture, Cameron is well known as a New Zealand painter. You may view a selection of Cameron's artworks here.

An avid traveler, Cameron spends many months overseas attending international exhibitions, prototyping with clients and working remotely.  

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